Thanksgiving in the era of global warming

I know, I know, only liberals are allowed to cite perfectly normal meteorological events like hurricanes during hurricane season, tornadoes in tornado alley, or (gulp) snow in Chardon.  But as I went outside to get some firewood a few minutes ago, I couldn’t resist taking a couple pictures of the global warming I’m experiencing on this Thanksgiving Day.





By the way, that chimney in the bottom picture will soon be belching forth copious quantities of smoke into the pristine Chardon atmosphere as I cheerily burn some of the firewood under the snow-covered tarp.  Do I need to burn wood for heat?  Nope.  My home is heated by good old coal-generated electricity.  The fire is for purely aesthetic reasons. So later when we all gather around the fireplace after Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll be content in the knowledge that I’m doing my level best to selfishly and gratuitously increase my carbon footprint. Think of it as my Thanksgiving contribution to global warming.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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