The Irony Factor

On Thursday night’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly took the liberty of advising grassroots conservatives to avoid “hate talk” when calling President Obama a liar.

Take a look courtesy of FOX News:

I guess Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney engaged in “hate talk” when she said the president lied “time and again” throughout this entire process — even though she echoed the sentiments of millions upon millions in the grassroots.

Immediately following this segment, Bill was joined by Karl Rove who just recently wrote a rant of his own in the Wall Street Journal about Ken Cuccinelli and how the GOP must run “winnable” candidates (you know, like Mitt Romney).

While discussing the woes of Obamacare, O’Reilly joked that the GOP could run Miley Cyrus and beat the Democrats in 2014.  Rove responded by saying we’ve already tried running her “political equivalent” only to further suggest running “good” candidates that win (like Mitt Romney).

Given the fact that Rove’s proven ability to pick “winnable candidates” has vanished long ago, I won’t waste my time pondering about who he specifically intended to insult.  What’s important to point out is how childish it was; and that bashing fellow Republican candidates by demeaning them is far worse for the party than calling the president out for lying to Americans especially when it results in catastrophic consequences for those our government is supposed to be serving.

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