You Can ‘Mix it up’ With O’Reilly, I’ll ‘Shake it up’ With Palin

Last week, Bill O’Reilly came to Governor Palin’s defense over the vile comments made by MSNBC’s Martin Bashir saying that nobody in politics has been attacked more than Governor Palin has.

But he couldn’t resist his own dig on the Governor by going on to say that she refuses to “mix it up” by coming on to his show.

Now we here cannot confirm or deny what Governor Palin will and won’t do, but we certainly can confirm that the Governor has no problem mixing things up.  But before we get to that, let’s observe some of the regulars that do “mix it up” on his show.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove

Charles Krauthammer


Bernie Goldberg


Brit Hume




If Governor Palin doesn’t mix it up with O’Reilly, it’s probably because she’s shaking up a wide range of journalists and talk show hosts that represent virtually every part of the political spectrum.  (Read here about going outside of our comfort zone.)

Remember when she “took Lauer to the cleaners?”

lauer palin

…or when she chatted with Jake Tapper?

Palin Tapper

And many more like:

Sean Hannity

USA Today

Mark Levin

Chris Wallace

And while Mr. O was prepping for his next mixalicious line up of guests:

Bill O

…Governor Palin was shaking it up with the King of talk radio:


So beyond all the talk, have Mr. O’Reilly’s mixalicious guests gotten one good conservative elected for we little people?


Now let’s take a look at Governor Palin’s success record:


Countless victories including this guy:


Who’s apparently not mixilicious enough for some…

Rove pout

SO on the basis of reality, it looks like we have two choices:

A ‘Mix it up’ cocktail party at Bill’s….


Or a SHAKE-UP BASH with Palin.

Palin gif

Now don’t get me wrong here, Mr. O’Reilly is indeed an exceptional guy.  He writes terrific books, has the number one rated cable news show on television, and has used his power for many great causes.  I just hope he comes to realize that going forward, we the people are fully capable of deciding who mixes it up and who doesn’t.

And if Governor Palin ever does make the choice to appear on his program in the future, he might want to learn from the past:

And that’s my memo.

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