Governor Palin: ‘A Christmas Call to Action’

Governor Palin posted the following via Facebook:

A Christmas Call to Action…

Here’s the choice: will we succumb to politically correct Thought Police and let the intolerants stifle freedom? Or will we be just a little bit brave and take a stand to protect the heart of America, which beats with freedom? The latter will make you Happy, Happy, Happy! This Duck Dynasty controversy is another reminder of the chilling effect we see with the right to express a faith-filled opinion that some may disagree with. It’s the issue addressed in “Good Tidings and Great Joy.” Here’s a nice video about the book by CBN noting how the book is a Christmas “call to action” to inspire us to be fearless. Be empowered in expressing the positive message of faith on something greater than self, and please don’t cower or hide because of intolerants who would marginalize any expression of faith (even non-controversial ones like a simple Nativity scene!):

Here is the video she references courtesy of CBN:

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