Governor Palin Returns to the O’Reilly Factor (Video)

Governor Palin appeared on the O’Reilly Factor this evening and had a great discussion about the future of the Republican Party, Martin Bashir’s recent resignation and the culture of vile that seems to surround MSNBC these days.  Finally, they wrapped up their two-segment interview by talking about Governor Palin’s New York Times Bestseller, Good Tidings and Great Joy.

Bill O’Reilly began the segment by warning the GOP against further “sniping” between the RINOs and the “committed conservatives.”  Governor Palin was quick to declare that she had no problem calling those out who stray from the party’s commitment to small government in cheap attempts to appease the left.

An interesting point to make about the poll that O’Reilly cited from RCP is that while “moderate” Christie” leads the 2016 field with 18.8%, Senator Rand Paul follows with 17% and Ted Cruz with 12%.  We should point out that Paul and Cruz are both strongly supported by the Tea Party, were endorsed by Governor Palin, and were both recipients of her fortified moose jerky when they were standing up and fighting for the people against an old guard that despised them both for refusing to sit down and shut up.  Collectively, the momentum continues to remain with the Tea Party when you add Paul and Cruz’s percentages together.

Another great point made by the Governor in the ending moments of the interview was when she pointed out how those on the left will accuse Christians of having a thin skin for finding offense to an atheist display, yet survive by the same victim card by using their resources to ban public displays of mangers, Christmas carols sung in public, or even a Christmas tree at a public school.

Thanks to our friend, iizthatiiz on youtube for getting the video up so quickly:

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