Governor Palin’s Interview With NRO

Recently, Kathryn Lopez over at NRO interviewed Governor Palin about her book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas. This evening, they published the interview:

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: “People who reject Christianity, who turn their noses up at the religious origins of Christmas, are also rejecting the faith of many of the men and women who have made this world a better place: Martin Luther King, Jr., William Wilberforce, Mother Teresa.” Why do you find this important to point out? Non-Christians, too, make positive contributions to the world, after all.

SARAH PALIN: It’s amazing that people like Martin Luther King Jr., William Wilberforce, and Mother Teresa are universally loved while their faith is scorned. Has it not occurred to the secular elite that faith motivated these great heroes’ actions? In an age when Christianity is increasingly scorned, few people realize they live with and take for granted the benefits of Christian thought. Ending slavery, ending segregation, the great wave of concern for combating poverty — each of these movements has been motivated to a large degree by Christian faith. The fact that these movements also had non-Christian supporters does not diminish the truth of this point, and we are not dishonoring other religions when we honor Christianity.

LOPEZ: You dedicate your book to your mother and father, crediting them with giving you a “unique and inspiring upbringing.” What was unique and inspiring about it?

PALIN: The greatest gift they gave me was my upbringing in Alaska, where I gained respect for the work ethic and competition and a foundation of faith.

LOPEZ: What is Eskimo Bingo, and do you recommend it?

PALIN: I’m literally, right now as I take a minute to email you these answers, baking and wrapping gifts for tomorrow’s big game. You’ll have to read my book to learn the rules.

LOPEZ: What’s the Alaskan difference — from the lower 48 — and yet what’s uniquely American about it?

PALIN: My brother and dad recently wrote a book about Alaska where they spent chapters answering this by discussing everything from what motivates people to move here to what kind of humor they develop because of living in Alaska. I could spend days discussing this and we’d still only scratch the surface. You need to live here for at least a decade and become a Sourdough before you really “get” it. Alaska is uniquely a land of extremes — extremes in weather, in vastness, in rich natural resources, in awe-inspiring beauty, and in independence. It was the inexpressible beauty of Alaska that led me to truly know that God exists because only an omnipotent Creator could create something as complex and wondrous as my surroundings up here!

You can read the entire interview here.

Governor Palin also posted this on Facebook to show people what Eskimo Bingo looks like:

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