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Some days are busier than others…

As some of you know, those of us here at C4P lead extremely busy lives outside of the site. Unfortunately, that means we miss, or are late posting some things Governor Palin has posted to Twitter or Facebook. Yesterday was one of those days.

Here are some great articles and videos that Governor Palin posted yesterday.


CBN News: Sarah Palin: ‘War on Christmas’ Tip of Greater Battle:

In a way, it’s like the 2008 election all over again: Hundreds of fans wait in line for hours to say hello to her as she goes around the country promoting her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting The Heart of Christmas.

Palin told CBN News the book is a rallying cry for Christians to stand up against those who want keep faith out of the public square.

“We were founded as written in our charters of liberty, in the documents that created America,” Palin said. “We’re founded on a Judeo-Christian faith that would allow forever the right to express or respect for faith in America.”

Beware of ‘Joe McScrooge’

Palin warned those rights are under attack from atheists. She has a name for them in the book: “Joe McScrooge.”

“Joe McScrooge armed with an attorney is quite dangerous,” Palin proclaimed.

Indeed, each year such stories constantly make the news. Just recently, a Colorado school stopped its association with Operation Christmas Child (LINK) after atheists threatened to sue.



Todd Starnes: Air Force removes Nativity scene:

The Baby Jesus has been kicked off Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, according to an organization who relishes any opportunity to eradicate Christianity from the U.S. military.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation praised officials at Shaw Air Force Base for removing a Nativity scene located near Memorial Lake on Friday. The traditional Nativity included plastic statues of Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus and an assortment of animals.

Apparently, an undisclosed number of Airmen were so emotionally troubled by the sight of a manger scene that they immediately notified the MRFF.

I can only imagine the psychological damage they must have suffered as a result of glancing at the plastic statues.

I can only imagine the psychological damage they must have suffered as a result of glancing at the plastic statues. I hope no one needed hospitalization, God forbid.


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