MSNBC: Criticizing Obama’s behavior at Mandela’s funeral is obviously racist

Via Real Clear Politics. This follows up MSNBC’s recent revelation that calling ObamaCare “ObamaCare” — a term which Obama himself has embraced — is akin to using the n-word. But this is even funnier.  I guess the geniuses at MSNBC’s latest meeting of minds took offense that Obama is taking heat for his narcissism in South Africa and, naturally, decided to convene a panel to discuss the salient issue of the selfie the Danish Prime Minister took of Obama, David Cameron and herself while an angry-looking Michelle O looked on with her obligatory scowl.  To even talk about this, according to MSNBC, is to inflame racial stereotypes about the lascivious black man chasing white women while his scorned wife puts up with it. Or something.  Anyway, here’s MSNBC panelist Irin Carmon to explain (yeah, I never heard of her either):

IRIN CARMON, MSNBC: Well, I think people are reading a lot into a photo that captured a particular moment. If you look at other moments, Michelle Obama, who was accused of looking jealously at the Danish Prime Minister is smiling and laughing. This is a big tempest in a tea pot and it’s a confluence of racist and sexist stereotypes as if Michelle is this angry black woman, as if President Obama is this oversexed black man who every time he talks to a woman — and by the way, as if the Danish Prime Minister is just some object of flirtation as opposed to a world leader in her own right.

Personally, I think this entire episode is silly, but Obama’s penchant for selfies certainly adds to Obama’s well-deserved reputation as a narcissist. But MSNBC, as is their custom, goes off the deep end and finds racism where none exists. In their minds, criticizing Obama for this incident is equivalent of accusing him of … what? … being Sheriff Bart in Blazing Saddles?

Anyway, here’s the video.

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