Ron Fournier | Memo to Hillary: You’re the problem

As the 2016 election fast approaches, most Americans intellectually understand the importance of your experience as first lady, senator, and secretary of State. Your personal approval ratings are higher than those of President Obama. You should be proud. But, as you’ve heard us say, Americans make most of their decisions—from buying homes and cars to deciding where to shop and how to vote—not with their heads, but with their guts. By that measure, we’ve seen results of psycho-social surveys and of focus groups that raise red flags.

Most Americans, including many of your supporters, consider you to be:

  • A creature of Washington.
  • Intensely political (think of words like “calculating” and “ambitious”).
  • An institution (and not just because of your age. The Clinton family itself is an institution, one freighted with baggage).

And so your biggest hurdle isn’t your age, the president’s record, your husband, or even Benghazi/Whitewater, etc. It’s you, Hillary. You’re the problem—that is, if you once again present yourself as an institution of Washington awaiting a political coronation. To win, you must be the anti-Hillary. You need to blast the public’s caricature of you to smithereens and replace it with what we know as the Real Hillary.


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