Gallup: ‘Record-High’ 42% of Americans Identify as Independent

It was almost four years ago when Governor Palin advised Republicans to embrace the Tea Party principles that promote independent thought, limited government, and ridding corruption in D.C.:

“Despite what the pundits want you to think, contested primaries aren’t civil war, they are democracy at work and that’s beautiful.”


“The Republican Party would be very smart to absorb as much of the Tea Party movement as possible.”

The GOP followed this advice in 2010 and won the midterms by historic proportion.

They rejected this advice in 2012 and lost to the worst sitting president in history.

Well, as Karl Rove gets ready to “strike back” as Brian described, a new poll from Gallup is out.

42% of Americans identify as independent (more than ever before).  31% identify as Democrat and 25% as Republican.

Meanwhile a poll released from Gallup last year reflected that where political ideology was concerned, more Americans identified as conservative than they did as liberal.  That would lead any rational-thinking human being to understand that many of those “conservatives” are now identifying as independents and are ready to throw their GOP leaders out in the primaries this year.

But despite that inconvenient truth, be ready for the establishment and media to desperately claim otherwise.






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