GOP Establishment Partnering With Unions To Defeat Conservatives

It’s no secret that the GOP establishment does not like grassroots conservatives, especially the Tea Party.  But, now some are taking it to a new level by joining forces with those on the opposite side of the aisle in their effort to defeat conservatives in the GOP primaries this year.  Steve LaTourette, the former moderate Republican Congressman turned lobbyist, has been one of the most outspoken members of GOP, Inc against small government conservatives.  And, he’s not going to be taking the upcoming primary season lying down.  Mike Flynn at Breitbart reports that his “Defending Main Street” SuperPAC has taken in more than three quarters of a million dollars from unions.  He reports:

Former Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) was one of the more labor-friendly Republicans in Congress. Those close ties are paying off for him as labor unions are a major donor to his “Defending Main Street” Super-PAC, which is targeting conservatives in upcoming primaries. So far, unions have contributed $765,000 to support LaTourette’s efforts. The figure represents 86% of the PAC’s current cash-on-hand.

“Main Street is committed to electing solution-oriented, center-right Republicans to the House. We are grateful to the unions who want to help us do that and to paraphrase Rhett Butler — ‘Frankly, I don’t give a damn’ — about the criticism,” LaTourette toldThe Hill.

In addition to his fight against conservatives, LaTourette has also demonstrated that he is not exactly a man of high moral character.  As many of us have said before, the battle against the Dems in November is only half the battle.  We have to defeat the GOP establishment in the primaries, as well.

Flynn’s entire report is here.



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