Ten Ways to Deal With An Inconvenient Chill

It’s cold outside.



Really, really cold outside. Even the perpetually tawny cheeks of Floridians are feeling a bit chilled this day. While Texans and New Yorkers are responding in their respective stereotypical manner, even Midwesterners are tilting their heads at these sub-zero temps. The Canadians seem to still call this “January,” but have put on an extra layer of whale blubber long johns out of precaution. Like bridges and branches, dangly bits are always the first to freeze.

Here are some suggestions to get to help pass this time of inconvenient chilliness:


10) Watch and appreciate the visual artistry of “Day After Tomorrow”

FrozenCoveredBuildingCredit: AP/Daily Mail of water covered building in Plattsmouth, Nebraska

9) Try really hard to understand the phrase: “global warming”  when it looks an awful lot like plain old “winter,” outside

Frozen BeardCredit: AP/Daily Mail of Allan Umscheid (Kansas)

8) Give up trying to understand that nonsense. Instead, go “green” and make a beer fridge

Beer FridgeCredit: r/boston

7) Engage in “One-upping” friends with “all the frozen things,” pictures


6) Play the “Name Game”



5) Drink cocoa and catch up on some humorous short stories



4) Two words: Cat videos



3) Collectively appreciate the dedication and insanity of Green Bay Packers fans

Then: 1967
Ice Bowl II Football

Credit: AP

Now: 2014

Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay PackersCredit: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

2) Re-evaluate the silliness of The Snuggie

batman-snuggie-blanket-291x250Credit: Batman Snuggie by thisiswhyimbroke.com

1) Collectively hate on Southern California

SoCalCredit: Ginger Zee

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