The 2 GOP senators most likely to vote with Obama are …

Via Roll Call:

Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska held their reputations as leading GOP moderates in 2013.

In CQ Roll Call’s annual look at voting records, the two Republican women led the field of those most likely to vote with President Barack Obama on votes on which the administration clearly took a position, either through a formal Statement of Administration Policy or other expression of policy view.

Collins backed the Obama view on such votes 75.9 percent of the time, with Murkowski following at 72.3 percent. They were the only Republican senators above 70 percent. That’s in line with the argument that Murkowski’s voting record might prove beneficial to the 2014 re-election case of her Democratic counterpart Mark Begich.

If you follow that second link, you’ll see that there really isn’t much difference between Murky and Begich. Both are liberals who claim to be moderate or conservative to get elected, then consistently back Obama’s policies when they arrive in Washington. Princess Lisa only votes with the GOP 61% of the time while voting with Obama 72% of the time.  Why does she bother calling herself a Republican?

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