Governor Palin on why she uses the term “Orwellian” in her speeches

Via Facebook, Governor Palin refers readers to an excellent article at Townhall by Victor Davis Hanson.

Here’s why in almost every one of my speeches or interviews I use the term “Orwellian”:

As I sit the bleachers today at middle school sports tournaments, I look out at our future and confirm the necessity to get America back on the right road, soon, before it’s too late. Please explain this article to your children, as many have been, unfortunately, shielded from reading the staples “Nineteen Eight-Four” and “Animal Farm” in school. Then encourage them by your actions to be engaged and NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

Great catch by the Governor. Here’s an excerpt from Hanson’s piece:

The nightmare societies portrayed in the George Orwell novels “1984” and “Animal Farm” gave us the word “Orwellian.” That adjective reflects a vast government’s efforts not just to deceive and control the people, but also to do so by reinventing the meaning of ordinary words while rewriting the past itself.

America, of all places, is becoming Orwellian. The president repeatedly reminds the American people that under his leadership, the U.S. has produced a record level of new oil and natural gas. But didn’t Obama radically curtail leases for just such new energy production on federal lands? Have the edicts on the barn wall of “Animal Farm” been changed again, with the production of new oil and gas going from bad to suddenly good?

Does anyone remember that the Affordable Care Act was sold on the premise that it would guarantee retention of existing health plans and doctors, create 4 million new jobs and save families $2,500 a year in premiums, all while extending expanded coverage to more people at a lower cost?

Only in Orwell’s world of doublespeak could raising taxes, while the costs of millions of health plans soars, be called “affordable.” Is losing your existing plan and doctor a way of retaining them?

The Congressional Budget Office recently warned that Obamacare would “keep hours worked and potential output during the next 10 years lower than they would be otherwise.” That nonpartisan verdict should be bad news for workers.

Not in our brave new world. The Obama administration says it is pleased that workers will now be freed from “job lock.” What is job lock — a made-up Newspeak word right out “1984”? Work fewer hours, make less money and create fewer outputs — and be happy.

Follow the above link to read the entire article. Also, go here to see some great pictures of Piper following in her mom’s footsteps on the basketball court.

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