Politicker | Global warming fan de Blasio tired of this constant “snowstorm situation”

Bill de Blasio is now visibly annoyed at the constant blizzards bombarding New York.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, the new mayor repeatedly sighed and expressed his exasperation at Mother Nature, which is set to deliver the fourth significant snowstorm of his tenure later today, with yet more bad weather forecast for later week.

“The snowstorm situation is reaaaally getting a little too common,” began Mr. de Blasio as he began update on tonight’s approaching storm.

“So,” he added, pausing for a breath, “let’s talk about tonight!”

“The next snowstorm,” he continued, again pausing a beat, “will start roughly … between 12 midnight and 2 a.m.” However, those numbers, he said, were according to the National Weather Service. “As I’ve emphasized, the National Weather Service has a habit of updating their forecasts and things change. I’m now learning that forecasts can change–meaning more snow.”


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