Politico | Great news: More ObamaCare rules and regulations on the way

Four years after the law’s passage, some major provisions still await regulatory action or have been delayed because of the Obama administration’s struggles to get core elements in place in time for the start of enrollment last October. Large businesses haven’t seen final rules for the employer mandate, and insurers are waiting for more details on the benefits they’ll have to offer in the future.

More than a dozen rules, ranging from technical to significant, are slated to come out this year or later. That count, detailed in a Congressional Research Service report this month, doesn’t include several dozen proposed and final rules that were expected during a 12-month period dating back to last July. Pending changes like new nondiscrimination standards for health plans will broadly affect the health care industry. Others, such as new calorie-count requirements on menus and vending machines, will be felt in the business community.

Federal agencies’ work since Obamacare became law totals tens of thousands of pages of specifics drafted on insurance market reforms and tax provisions. The fact that the work is still unfinished isn’t surprising given the huge regulatory undertaking that the law triggered.

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