Scarborough mulling presidential run?

This has to be a joke.  And I have to admit, it’s a good one. I laughed so hard I spit Pepsi all over my keyboard.

Sources close to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough think he is seriously considering the prospect of leaving morning television to run for president in 2016.

Last week, Scarborough was all smiles — even letting out a laugh — on “Morning Joe” when Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol suggested on the air that Scarborough could represent the “Jon Huntsman lane” in a 2016 GOP primary.

But behind the scenes, those who know Scarborough are not laughing.

It’s widely believed at MSNBC — including among network brass — that Scarborough is actively mulling a presidential bid, sources said.

Meanwhile, some of Scarborough’s guests are beginning to talk him up as a possible candidate. Mark McKinnon — the former adviser to George W. Bush and John McCain who co-founded the group No Labels and appears on Morning Joe regularly — said he has talked about the prospect of a White House campaign with Scarborough “ever since we first met years ago, but always in the abstract.”

“On paper, he’s a great candidate,” McKinnon told The Daily Caller. “He has the kind of confidence, ideas and media savvy required to make it on the big stage. And he’d be a lot of fun to watch because he wouldn’t be afraid to mix it up with anybody on any topic. I think it would be highly entertaining and good for the party.”

He’s a great candidate on paper?  What paper is that? I doubt even the few remaining MSNBC viewers would vote for Mr. Cheetos-in-the-Basement. Certainly no conservatives will.  He’s a joke. Maybe Scarborough thinks he can attract more viewers to his failing network with this stunt.  Who knows.

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