Beaufort Observer: Sarah Palin was right

Via the Beaufort Observer:

If the Elite Media had any character whatsoever left in it there would be articles this week going back to 2008 when Sarah Palin predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But if you’ve found any apologies and admissions of “we blew it when we made fun of you…” you’re doing better than we are.

Nothing at any of the Big Three TV networks. Nothing at the Washington Post, New York Times or LA Times. Not even the Chicago Tribune or Boston Globe. Of course not at MSNBC or CNN.

But its not hard to realize why Palin was so correct. Ukraine is simply another result of Obama’s ineffective foreign policy. He has no credibility whatsoever and has sacrificed America’s standing in the world to the point that we are a laughingstock on the international stage. It was only a matter of time before Putin took advantage of it.

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