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Here is another candidate who puts family, faith & flag first – and the  permanent political class last:

Sasse Family

via Governor Palin’s Facebook page:


Ben Sasse is the clear conservative choice in the Nebraska Senate race. National Review calls him “Nebraska’s Obamacare Nemesis.”

Ben is a proven problem solver. A few years ago, Ben took over as president of Midland University in his hometown. The school was on the verge of bankruptcy, but under Ben’s steady leadership and commitment to make tough decisions and reform old policies, Midland is on the path to recovery and has nearly tripled enrollment. Today, it’s the fastest growing school in the Midwest. We need those kinds of results in D.C.

Ben knows how dysfunctional D.C. is. He’s witnessed firsthand the corrosive effect bad big government policies can have, and he knows that Obamacare is as bad as it gets. As Ben told me, “I have said from the very beginning of this campaign that the problem in D.C. is that we have a government of Democrats with big-government bad ideas and Republicans regularly with no ideas. That is not good enough. We have got to be a party that sells the conservative vision of the future. I have also said that the GOP establishment in this country does not understand that the house is on fire and we have to save this country – not tomorrow, or next year, or at some debt-crisis moment in five years, but now.”

Ben is a leader we need in D.C. now. He won’t forget who sent him there because his life is firmly grounded in his small town Nebraska roots. His family goes to a church where his great-great grandpa carved the altarpiece that is still there today. Ben has his cornhusker common sense and his lovely wife Melissa and their three kids to remind him of what’s important. Melissa is a fellow “hockey mom” to both of Ben’s daughters who play hockey as the only girls on the boy teams. They’ll be able to remind their papa to “Fight like a girl!” in defense of We the People.

To learn more about Ben Sasse and support his campaign, please visit his website at

– Sarah Palin



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