Jay Sekulow | ObamaCare: The impossible enforcement of an unworkable law

Does “ObamaCare” truly exist? Are we actually living with the law that was passed with so much fanfare four years ago?

I had to ask myself that question while reviewing the New York Times list of unilateral ObamaCare changes, a list that chronicles ObamaCare’s utter failure. Some highlights:

– A one year delay to the employer mandate.

– An additional year delay for medium-sized businesses.

– A one year grace period (no, make that three years) for non-compliant plans.

– Partial exemptions from the individual mandate.

The list can (and does) go on, and it doesn’t even include the recent, significant change to the Individual Mandate that the Wall Street Journal says “quietly repeals the individual purchase rules for two more years.”

How? By broadening the “hardship” exemptions significantly and then requiring proof of hardship by documentation only “if possible.”

In other words, if you claim hardship, it looks like the Obama administration is planning to take your word for it.

To be clear, if any Republican tried to force these changes on ObamaCare – changes that go far beyond the changes Republicans tried to force when the Obama administration shut down the government to preserve the alleged “law of the land” – they would be accused of sabotage or worse.


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