RCP | Brit Hume Rips Obama’s Handling Of Ukraine: He’s a “Very Slow Learner”

BILL O’REILLY: Gasoline prices are up 14 cents per gallon in two weeks, and the stock market wobbling, and this is all going to come back to hurt every single American, because turbulence in the world does that these days. I don’t think Americans are really locked in that everyone’s going to get hurt by this.

BRIT HUME: Well turbulence in the world, in energy markets in particular, is common during a crisis of this kind. When and if the crisis passes, energy prices tend to subside. The same thing is true of the stock market. Warren Buffet, for example, was saying today, that he would buy into the weakness that was shown in the market today, which shows you that he thinks this is all going to pass. If this doesn’t pass, eventually Americans really will feel it.

O’REILLY: Yeah, alright, last question: I am convinced that Barack Obama understands history, and doesn’t want to go down in it as Jimmy Carter did. Are you convinced of that?

HUME: No. I think Barack Obama misunderstands the world, that he had limited experience of it and in it, and I think he has proved, as Oscar Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas said in another context, to be a very slow learner.

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