The Vilification of Sarah Palin

The following is a submission by LaDonna Hale Curzon, Executive Producer/Host, Sarah Palin Radio | 3/12/14


The after glow sparked by Sarah Palin’s speech at the closing of CPAC last week was too much for the left. They were livid. They were outraged. They were filled with hate.

Sarah Palin was called everything under the sun by the same, old, tired liberals, who just can’t get over her. It’s been close to six years since she was the Republican vice presidential candidate. You’d think they would move on, but, as conservatives have rightly pointed out, it’s the Democrats who are really raging a war on women.

Why is the extreme left still vilifying Sarah Palin?  Because she’s smart, gorgeous, funny and most of all, still hugely popular and influential with a very large base of conventional conservatives. She is still a very hot ticket. For that, they must destroy her.

Without a doubt, no one has been as reviled as much as Sarah Palin. For this, she is in a class by herself and her admirers respect her for that. They love her grit and wit. They cheer her when she “fights like a girl.” The more the left hurls expletives at her, the more supporters she gains.

Here’s a news flash for the anti-Palin knuckleheads. She doesn’t care. In fact, she’s having fun poking fun of you. She is not afraid of you. But you are definitely afraid of her. It shows.

She scares the living daylights out of her detractors. Deep down, they know that they have no Sarah Palin. All they have is Hillary.

I know Sarah Palin and Hillary is no Sarah Palin.

Get a grip lefties and tone down your dirty language. Talk about the issues and not the person. Fight like Sarah Palin.



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