Awesome: Obama to pivot back to the economy again

I know I’ll sleep easier tonight. Via The Hill:

President Obama will host two events on the economy this week as Democrats seek to pivot the political discussion away from the healthcare law.

Democrats dispute that that the healthcare law will be a liability for the party in this year’s elections, and celebrated the news last week that ObamaCare enrollments topped 7 million.

Still, they argue that jobs and the economy will be the central battleground in November.

“That’s the debate that the election will be about, jobs and the budget,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said last week.

Obama will be hosting two events on the economy this week. On Monday, he will travel to Prince Georges County, Md. to host an event on the economy, and will follow that up with another event Tuesday at the White House.

How many times has Obama pivoted back to the economy? I’ve lost track. John Hayward pegs it (conservatively?) at 35:

I wouldn’t expect this pivot to be any more successful than the previous 34. Erecting road blocks to energy production, pervasive and increasing regulation by over-zealous bureaucrats, and increasing the cost of hiring people via minimum wage increases and ObamaCare taxes will ensure the economy continues to perform at the dismal level it has since Obama’s tenure began.

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