David Brooks: Sylvia Burwell’s “an exceedingly good choice” to replace Sebelius

Via Real Clear Politics, exactly what you’d expect from Brooksie.

JUDY WOODRUFF: That’s true. That’s true.

Well, now they have named another woman, David, Sylvia Burwell, who has been running the Office of Budget and Management, to take her place. Does this allow the administration to get a fresh start with health care?

DAVID BROOKS: I don’t think the changeover of the Cabinet secretary is going to have — is going to change anybody’s opinion of what they think about the thing.

It strikes me as an exceedingly good choice. Burwell overcame some early disadvantages. She went to Harvard, got a Rhodes Scholarship.

Hey, she went to Harvard. That’s all that matters, right? She’s clearly “an exceedingly good choice” and we can just ignore the laughably unsustainable budgets she’s overseen at OMB — the most recent of which was rejected 413-2 by the House — and her record of political hackery. After all Obama went to Harvard, too, and look at the stellar job he’s done. Of course Obama also had the benefit of that “perfectly creased pant”, which Brooks observed in 2005 and from which he was able to conclude, among other things, that Obama was destined to “be a very good president”. We’re still waiting for the effete Brooks’ assessment of the prowess of Burwell’s dry cleaner.

Unless you want to watch Brooks, Mark Shields, and Judy Woodruff wheeze through 12 plus minutes of beltway gibberish, I’d skip to the 4:20 mark for the money quote:

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