Democrat Senator: The sequester may be partially to blame for the Fort Hood shooting

Via HuffPo. Today on Fox News Sunday, Democrat Senator Tim Kaine suggested to Chris Wallace that the recent shooting at Fort Hood in which three people were killed and 16 were wounded could be blamed on the dreaded sequester.

The across-the-board budget cuts known as the sequester that took place in 2013 may have reduced the military’s effectiveness at preventing base shootings, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) said Sunday.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Kaine argued that those cuts may have compromised the military’s mental health services, which would otherwise serve as an early warning system to help prevent shootings like the one at Fort Hood last week, the second at the base in the last five years.

“When we’re requiring them to do across-the-board cuts, we have to look at the effects on mental health services or the effect of those cuts on base security,” Kaine said.

Kaine pointed out that 13 years of war have taken a toll on the military, but added, “I think we stress them further with things like sequester and budgetary moves that deprived them of the certainty that they need.”

Oooo-kay. Well at least they haven’t blamed the shooting on man-made global warming or the Koch Brothers. Not yet anyway. In case anyone forgot, here’s a chart depicting the “savage” spending cuts (since restored by the Ryan-Murray budget deal) the sequester imposed which caused so much consternation among the beltway class:Sequester_Mitchell

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