Gov. Palin Set to Appear at NRA Convention

Via Kevin Scholla over at Breitbart:

The annual National Rifle Association convention will be held later this month in Indianapolis. Attendees will be treated to a host of exhibitors selling firearms and an appearance by one of the biggest guns of all, Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor is being billed as a “special guest” at the convention April 26 during a Stand and Fight Rally at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Palin has been an unwavering voice for our Second Amendment and gun rights for Americans. Last year she addressed the convention and won the crowd over with lines like “That same media is now a reliable, poodle-skirted cheerleader for a president who writes the book on exploiting tragedy.”

It is a sure bet that Palin will again be a huge draw at the NRA event that continues to grow in popularity. It’s fitting that Palin will appear at the Colts’ home digs for this year’s festivities because someone who knows that field very well will also be a part of the three day event. Indianapolis kicker Adam Vinatieri is listed as one of the big speakers. Conservative talk radio host and Palin pal and ally Mark Levin is also scheduled to make some remarks.

The NRA Convention is for people of all ages and all skill levels. It will be guns galore for three patriotic days. A slew of different unusual models will be on display. An air gun shooting range will be up and running for the kids and for those young at heart. If you love guns this will be the place to be.

The convention has morphed from a niche gathering to a spectacle with politicians, musicians, and celebrities flocking to the gathering each year. Things have gotten so big that this year’s installment, which runs from April 25-27,is expected to be one of the largest conventions Indy has ever hosted.

You can get details about the events here.

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