Governor Palin: ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’

Governor Palin posted the following on Facebook a few short moments ago:

A couple of interesting issues to consider today:

First, kudos to the Louisiana GOP for filing a federal ethics complaint against Sen. Harry Reid for illegally using our tax dollars to play his “politics of personal destruction” including trying to humiliate and ruin reputations of good Americans for his radically liberal partisan purposes (including his ongoing jihad against private citizens David and Charles Koch, whom Reid hypocritically benefits from by having accepted their campaign donations through Koch-connected PACs). He unethically spends other people’s money (his addiction to O.P.M. is renown) to enrich family and friends. Reid gets away with his continual unethical behavior because no one pushes back. Finally someone is!

Read some tip-of-the-iceberg Reid revelations here:

Next, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Remember back during the ’08 campaign when we warned you about a certain infamous domestic terrorist couple from Chicago in whose living room Barack Obama kicked off his political career? A couple of Obama’s neighbors, the husband a strange fellow who worked on community organizing “things” with Obama and was featured on a magazine cover stomping on our American flag? Remember the campaign trying to censor discussion of this guy, Bill Ayers, and Obama’s other associations? Well, offers a pretty horrifying scenario in which the other half of this couple, Bernardine Dohrn, or someone of her ilk, could be appointed as a Federal Court judge by the outgoing Senate because if Democrat Senators are defeated in their re-election bids this year they’ll have nothing to lose in pushing forward disastrous judicial appointees. The period between November 5, 2014, and January 3, 2015, is ripe for all kinds of shenanigans as the outgoing Democrat Senators (assuming they lose re-election) can behave without political repercussions. Please keep your eyes open for this and be ready to hold politicians accountable.

Read more about it here:

And because I don’t want these discouraging issues to damper your day, here’s a shot to end this post – a little uplifting reminder to actually DO something about challenging issues. This kid says it best.

This Kid

– Sarah Palin

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