Governor Palin: These People Are Nuts

If I may channel Dennis Green for a just a moment and state that ‘Kathleen Parker is who we thought she was.‘ Via Facebook:

These people are nuts, albeit entertaining nuts…

Ah… this nice Sunday afternoon has been groovin’ along so enjoyably, and then – BAM – I see some articles that leave no doubt about how out of touch our self-proclaimed “elite leaders” and opinion makers really are. These people are nuts! Just reading these headlines makes you ask, “Really?!” The jokes on them, though, because they’ve just added to the entertaining, shake-your-head/almost-feel-sorry-for-them reports that we “average” Americans use as examples of their condescension. These are the “leaders” who look at the crowd behind them and assume they’re leading the parade, when really the growing crowd is chasing them out of town. So, check these out and let me know what YOU’VE found that adds to the list!

First, here’s the video of one celebrated member of the elite D.C. chattering class suggesting that people with Southern accents aren’t “smart” or “sophisticated.” Are Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and James Carville exempt from this blanket denigration of Southern intelligence, or was this comment only directed at conservatives with Southern accents? (Poor gal, that Ms. Parker, not knowing the Southern roots of many Founding Fathers who wrote the exceptional, providential Constitution for her to enjoy today.)

Next, we have an article with this headline: “$1.5M Hotel Bill for President Obama’s One-Day Visit to Brussels.” You may wonder why the president feels the need to travel like a Roman emperor. If you find out the answer, let me know. Meanwhile, $17 trillion in debt later…

Update by Doug: Client #9’s former partner in failure, Kathleen Parker, is herself from the South. Just sayin’.

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