Greta: Andrew Sullivan Is Now the Free Speech Guy?

Governor Palin tweeted earlier today:

From the article:

Andrew Sullivan, is now the Free Speech guy? Free speech should include at least an effort at NO SLANDER yet he felt it was ok, when it advanced his career, to slander a mother by saying obsessively that she should PROVE she is the mother of her special needs child! Yes, a bully! What a world we live in, huh?

I was reading about the controversy below and I thought, Andrew Sullivan? This posting is not about the issue — it is about Andrew Sullivan and how everyone looked the other way about him. I am all for free speech, and I know we all make mistakes, but I have yet to hear of Andrew Sullivan apologizing for his repeated, not just once or twice, that’s a mistake, but repeated statements for months that Governor Sarah Palin prove she is the Mother of Trig. Can you believe that? some guy insisting a mother prove she is the mother? Did he want to go to Alaska and do the DNA cheek swabs himself of Mother and child?

Equally disgraceful is that the media, and yes, even the mothers and fathers in the media, never stood up to him for his BULLYING.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The resignation of Mozilla’s CEO amid outrage that he supported an anti-gay marriage campaign is prompting concerns about how Silicon Valley’s strongly liberal culture might quash the very openness that is at the region’s foundation.

Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich stepped down Thursday as CEO, just days after his appointment. He left the nonprofit maker of the Firefox browser after furious attacks, largely on Twitter, over his $1,000 contribution to support of a now-overturned 2008 gay-marriage ban in California.

“There was no interest in creating an Internet lynch mob,” OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagun, whose dating service site was among those engaged in online protest, said Friday. “I am opposed to that with every bone in my body.”

But Eich’s abrupt departure has stirred the debate over the fairness of forcing out a highly qualified technology executive over his personal views and a single campaign contribution six years ago. And it raises questions about how far corporate leaders are allowed to go in expressing their political views.

Some are also questioning whether the episode undercuts the well-groomed image of Silicon Valley as a marketplace of ideas and diversity of thought, and whether, in this case, the tech world surrendered to political correctness enforced through a public shaming on social media…

Andrew Sullivan, a prominent gay blogger, railed against the pressure that led to the resignation.

“You want to squander the real gains we have made by argument and engagement by becoming just as intolerant of others’ views as the Christians?,” he asked. “You’ve just found a great way to do this. It’s a bad, self-inflicted blow. And all of us will come to regret it.”

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