Holder: Those mean Republicans aren’t giving me the respect I deserve

In a speech yesterday at some shindig sponsored by the inestimable Al Sharpton (whom Joe Scarborough considers “a great example to people”), the equally inestimable Eric Holder, while referring to himself in the third person, whined about his ‘treatment’ by a House committee on the day before. Holder claimed he has been victimized by “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity”, clearly implying a racial motive to those who express opposition to his disastrous tenure at Justice. I’ll ignore the irony of Holder playing the race card at an event sponsored by Al Sharpton.

I’m all broken up over Holder’s unfair treatment by those mean Republicans. It couldn’t possibly be due to the fact that he considers his job to be that of Obama’s consigliere, using the full weight of the U.S. Department of Justice to thwart legitimate investigations into rampant corruption and malfeasance in the executive branch rather than facilitate them.  In reality, there are myriad reasons for Congress — and all of us — to treat Eric Holder as the corrupt embarrassment that he is. Examples? In no particular order, here are a few:

Holder appointed an Obama activist to head up the DOJ’s whitewash investigation of the IRS scandal. Holder’s efforts to run out the clock continue undaunted.

Holder’s long-standing stonewall of an investigation by a duly constituted Congressional oversight committee into the Fast and Furious debacle, for which he was found in contempt of Congress in a bipartisan vote. Later, in response to Holder’s motion to dismiss, a federal judge ruled there’s no legal basis for the Court to dismiss the contempt and executive privilege lawsuits which have been filed against him.

Holder refuses to conduct a legitimate investigation of the Benghazi scandal. He prefers, as with the IRS scandal, to run interference for Obama and Mrs. Clinton by employing a strategy of delay and obfuscate in the hopes of running out the clock.

In May of last year, Holder lied to Congress about his role in the investigation of Fox News reporter, James Rosen.

In 2009, Holder inexplicably dropped a clear cut voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers in Philadelphia. No explanation for this bizarre decision has ever been proffered. Rather than ensuring the integrity of the election process, Holder goes out of his way to undermine it. He’s made it his mission in life to make it as easy for voter fraud to occur as possible. Holder’s never met a voter ID law he didn’t want to overturn, using the racially-charged term “poll-taxes” to describe them. Never mind that all states with these laws provide state voter ID cards free of charge to anyone who requests one. Holder claims such laws are discriminatory.  How? The only people such laws discriminate against are those ineligible to vote. Illegal aliens and felons come to mind. Which reminds me, in a thinly-veiled effort to increase the number of Democrat voters, Holder recently advocated providing former felons with the right to vote.

Just in the last couple days, as Governor Palin noted, Holder suggested that law-abiding U.S. citizens should wear electronic bracelets so they can be monitored by the government simply for enjoying their 2nd Amendment rights.

There are many other reasons why our Attorney General should be treated with contempt, and last summer RedState helpfully compiled a partial list. Personally, I think Holder got off easy at Tuesday’s hearing. The Republicans afforded him far more respect than his actions as AG warrant. The man should be indicted. Last year Judge Jeanine Pirro ably made that case:

That was a year ago.  Plenty more has occurred in the interim. It used to be that corrupt politicians could be removed from office and prosecuted. But that was prior to the Age of Obama when we were a nation of laws, not of people.

Update: I changed the headline to better fit the post.

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