Mark Levin rips National Review for cheap shot at Governor Palin

Via Josh Painter, this commentary by Mark Levin is right on the money.

I always thought it was the exclusive province of lefties to feign outrage when someone says something that doesn’t fit into their politically correct fantasyland. Not anymore, apparently. These morons, Dreher, Brennan, et. al., are purposely and aggressively missing the point in order to take a cheap shot at a conservative fighting in the trenches whose influence and credibility they’ll never come close to matching. I don’t believe for a moment that they’re dumb enough to believe what they wrote. They couldn’t be. But it’s clear they think their readers are. In Governor Palin we have one of the few conservatives who’s unafraid to mock liberal orthodoxy and its politically correct dogma by taking the fight straight to them. You beat the left and all they stand for by opposing them, not by participating in their games. And yet the aforementioned morons, who presumably call themselves conservatives (like Levin, I’ve never heard of them), have adopted the tactics of the left by leaping into the fray as the self-anointed speech police for the right.

Since when did conservatives become so hyper-sensitive that they’re too obtuse to comprehend a one-liner at a speech? Since when should conservatives go out of their way to not offend those who go out of their way to be offended? I must have missed these developments, and certainly don’t agree with them. If being a conservative these days requires the contrivance of faux outrage on my part, no thanks. Oh, by the way, here’s a tip for the speech police: The word “baptize” has more than one meaning.

(h/t Greg W.)


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