Scarborough: Al Sharpton’s “a great example to people”

I don’t know how Scarborough or anybody else can think this race-baiting imbecile could possibly be a good example to anyone. “Do the right thing”, Sharpton admonishes? The guy was caught on tape back in the ’80s trying to purchase cocaine so he copped a deal with the Feds in which he agreed to “flip” and become an informant in an FBI sting operation in return for being allowed to avoid the legal consequences of his criminal behavior. This, according to Scarborough, makes Sharpton “a great example to people”. A veritable role model. This is absurd. I associate myself with Noah Rothman’s comments:

It’s one thing to say that Sharpton’s actions 30 years ago are irrelevant today, though I am not among them. It is another entirely to say that being forced into working for the Feds as a result of your own criminal actions makes you a “great example.” It does not, and to make that kind of assertion, is at the very least, morally questionable.

Morally questionable or just plain stupid? Take your pick.


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