The Standard Bearer from Alaska 2014

Please enjoy the following submission from “TwoLegsGood” .  Her refreshing perspective on Governor Palin’s spiritual compass and Palin’s unique position in American culture  has been featured at C4P in the past as well.

The following is a two part piece, the first part written in September 2011, when Governor Palin was still potentially in the 2012 Presidential race.



Though GOP RINOs and the Left work together symbiotically against Governor Palin, the two sides have different reasons for hating her.

Leftwing Liberals hate Sarah Palin because they do not understand her “extraordinary ordinariness.” Lefty Libs are political idolaters, they believe in the mythos of “professionalism”. As Obama has lectured, “professional politicians” are just so much smarter than us ordinary citizens.

What the Left does not understand is it’s Palin’s spiritual positioning (with its resultant popularity) not her “professional” political skills — that is the premium.

(Palin’s organizational networks and Tea Party are the antithesis of “professional” – it’s an organic reaction to the Governor as well as to a government out of control.)

The Left are completely flummoxed by Palin’s authority because they do not believe God or “the good” exists. They believe people like Sarah Palin went extinct by the early 1960’s (and even then, hardly believable or real). Hers is a spiritual syntax so plainly forthright she just freaks them out.


The Left cannot comprehend Palin because what the Left wants is dangerous glamour: they want a neo-Wizard of Oz, high and mighty and fearful and oh-so-mysterious.  This idolatrous lust produced Barack Obama as well as a concurrent denial of him: they know darn well what a dull little man lurks behind the curtain.

But idolatry being idolatry, what they worship is Obama’s process, not Obama for himself.  They genuflect to his transformational powers.  They believe that — just as Obama went from student Marxist lounge lizard to gun-runner-in-chief – they, too, can transform themselves and ascend to the heights though they haven’t worked for it and don’t deserve it.

When you hear applause for Obama, remember this.  It’s applause for the thief who tricked the system, applause for Obama’s caper crime, applause for their own selfish ambition.


So the Left worships the Obama trajectory while simultaneously wanting to deny Palin any power track of her own.  This is because they unconsciously know Sarah Palin is no fraud; she already has the spiritual (and experiential) authority to occupy the Oval Office.

If the Left allows her ascendency, they run the terrible risk of being unmasked — because goodness always seeks to dethrone evil.  Though they don’t believe in evil or the good, (thus “the existential” in why Palin is an “existential threat” to them) the Left is threatened because they know Palin has the strength of her convictions.


This lack of a moral code should win Liberals on the Left a pass in some sense.  They claim no Judeo-Christian heritage of fairness, justice or morality in their allegiance to Marx/Mao/Che/Alinsky/Obama, so it’s sort of weirdly unfair to posit them in the normal moral universe that most people — and all children — understand.

On the other hand, RINOs DO understand the moral and spiritual component in politics — because they must.  As Republicans, they campaign on a family values/morality-based platform.  This is the source of the moral double standard the MSM doles out to the Right.

The Right claims to have some morality so they naturally get pilloried when they fail to live up to their own standards.  The Lefty Libs do not claim any moral high ground from the get-go.


The rightwing whine about “if a democrat did this, we’d never hear the end of it!” as an unfair double standard. But it’s a hollow argument that garners no ground for conservatives, because our opponents on the Left have no idea what you’re talking about when you discuss “morality”.  You’ll just get a blank stare.

These are thugs and thieves who are motivated by graft and greed.  Better to dissect liberal-speak regarding motive rather than try to hold (for example) Anthony Weiner to the same conservative moral code.

There never will be any fairness in this double standard as long as there are Judeo-Christian mores on the conservative side, so it’s best for us to quit bitching about it.

It’s actually a backhanded compliment when conservatives get criticized for breaking their own moral code.


And RINOs — especially the RINOs — know Sarah Palin represents this moral code and family values more than any politician in recent memory, including Michele Bachmann (as I will explain).

In many important ways, and even more than the Left, RINOs can’t deal with Palin’s moral authority — because she’s a “Standard Bearer” of the spirit.

In an army, a Standard Bearer holds up the “standard” or banner or flag as he leads troops into battle.  The Standard Bearer has no other arms but his flag.  The banner signifies and identifies the army; his standard symbolizes what the army is fighting for.

Standard Bearers need to be on the front lines so soldiers can easily see their banner, to remind them who they are and where they are in battle position.

Because he must be so visible — so exposed — in the midst of the contest, Standard Bearers are always an easy target for the enemy.

But the real significance of the Standard Bearer is he upholds the morale of his men.  Because the unarmed Bearer risks his life so bravely, just seeing his waving flag encourages his soldiers to press forward in the fight.

The Standard Bearer holds the spiritual well-being of his army with his raised standard.  Everyone from Clausewitz to Sun Tzu will tell you wars are won or lost on morale alone…  the Standard Bearer’s job is of utmost importance. His personal integrity — vital.

Here is the Oath of Allegiance for a Standard Bearer in the Danish military of the early 1600’s:


“I trust you this Banner; because I believe you are an honest and brave Man;

You must lead it, as it is proper for a loyal Warrior.

You must safeguard it, as a real Dane will safeguard his wedded wife.

You shall wave this Banner for honest people, but never wave it for traitors.

On the march and mounting guard, during storms and battles,

You must appear as an example to brave soldiers;

You should never retreat;

equally should you never cause the army to become discouraged and running away from the enemy.

If, in the battle, the enemy should cut off your right hand, grasp the Banner with your left hand.

If you lose both your hands, grasp the Banner by your teeth’s.

You must safeguard it, as long as you are alive and breathing.

Are you forced to give up fighting, may God forbid that;

You must wrap the Banner around your body and die”.

I believe this is Sarah Palin’s spiritual rank.  She’s the designated Standard Bearer in the Battle of America — and she holds a banner with the sacred dates of 1773, 1776, 1787 and 1865.


Sarah Palin constantly describes what America’s “standard” or “banner” is: common sense Constitutionalism. She upholds these ideals for everyone to see, evidenced nearly every time she’s afforded a microphone.  (Gauge her very impromptu Pella speech… she was telling us what she “stands” for… and it’s not about her… )

Standard Bearers “re-present” the rest of the army – it’s not about them personally.  They uphold the ideals of the army.  Because of the spiritual nature of representing others, we want her to look like our own “best selves.”  (This explains in part why her external appearance, her presentation, gets so much attention.  It’s because she is “representing” people.)

Being a Standard Bearer does not mean Sarah Palin is any less of a sinner or less flawed than you or me.  It simply means she represents you and me as she carries our American ideals.


Every Palinista instinctively senses how unarmed Palin the standard bearer is, how susceptible she is to attack.  We’re sensitive because of what she’s already been through, but at the same time, we recognize her many morale-building kindnesses, even against political enemies.

Her very vulnerability draws people to her, to protect her (as we want to do) though Palin probably believes we’re overdoing it, she can take care of herself thank-you-very-much.  And she wants to protect the Tea Partiers herself, in turn.

But vulnerability to attack is part of the leadership quality of Standard Bearers.  Their courage – unarmed but for the flag – brings out the warrior soul in everyone on their fight battalion.

(The collapse of @attackwatch underscores how liberals have no concept of this idea.)

Palin’s true fight is to define the goal and lead people forward to it: she has no real defense but the truth.  This is why it pains us to see Palin defending herself, in the random and few times she has done it.  It’s not natural for her to do so, nor necessary, because every attack upon her, somehow, in God’s economy, boomerangs back on her accusers.


Governor Palin talked to Sean Hannity in early August 2011 about the importance of having a “steel spine” – something all standard bearers need in order to “stand tall”.

She said: “(Reagan) reminded us — as our steel spine is stiffened — look around, and you’re going to see that it strengthens others around you — and then they know that it’s okay, too, to stand on principle and do what’s right.”

As we see the Standard Bearer’s courage, we are encouraged in our own spiritual war footing.  This is the secret of true leadership: to inspire others to do give their all for the cause.

Oh, and it’s no coincidence another word for “Standard Bearer” is… “President.” (FROM SEPTEMBER 2011)


As a long-time story analyst/script reader in Hollywood, thinking about how Sarah Palin’s media “brand” fits into various narrative formats is a fascinating puzzle.  

This is a follow-up to “THE STANDARD BEARER FROM ALASKA” article from September 2011 describing the historic, military importance of the standard-bearer on the battlefield, and how it befits Governor Palin.

A while back, Sarah Palin wisely turned down Mark Burnett’s generous offer of a TV talk show — because her personality, appeal and “call” are unsuited for the format.  Since the time Andrew Breitbart famously compared Palin to Oprah Winfrey, there was a lingering idea Palin could be the right-wing Oprah on TV talkshows.


But Breitbart, rest his soul, was only half right about Palin being Oprah.  Yes, she’s as big of an icon as Winfrey, but no — this is not the right type of show to frame Sarah Palin’s influence and talent.  The compelling subtext of Oprah’s talk show was it was a “coming of age story” about a poor African-American woman (an ultimate outsider in the 80’s) finding herself within the vehicle of her show.

In contrast, Palin had already found her metier by the time she became a world icon in 2008.   Though this is not the entire reason why TV talk show hosting is wrong for her, Palin had already come of age in Alaska — though the rest of the world didn’t know it.   Instead of Oprah’s narrative quest –“who will she become?” — the narrative question of the season since ’08 has been “who is Sarah Palin?”


“Defining Sarah Palin” is the subtext of literally all the media about her since she was McCain’s VP pick.  It’s why the Political Establishment and MSM need to lie about her as they constantly create weird “Palin counterfeits” from Tina Fey, Gina Gershon, Julianne Moore, Julie Louis Dreyfus (even Michele Bachmann, politically) to deflate, discredit and deflect from Palin’s power and iconic status.


But what her haters don’t get is Palin truly is a “standard bearer” for classical populism, for Capraesque Judeo-Christian Americana within the media politik.  (It was no wonder Palin herself has described Frank Capra’s film “MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON” as a source of inspiration.  She’s cut from the same spiritual cloth.)  Palin’s job “in the spirit” is to strengthen and encourage others as she takes a stand for worthy — if not eternal – causes, something that cannot be done within trend-driven TV talk shows as we know them.


For Sarah Palin, throwing herself into the commercialized obsequiousness of an issue-oriented TV talk show would destroy her brand and effectiveness. The five-day-a-week multiple-issue structure would diminish her God-given talents by causing her to be overexposed, spread too thin over a variety of issues.


And, as a standard bearer of the spirit, there’s a need to frame Sarah Palin’s talent with the importance due her cause. This “framing device” is about timing; it’s about pacing media cycles.  International leaders like Palin can’t “take their stand” every day, simply because it’s necessary to feed the commercialized media beast with manufactured and inconsequential “issues”.

(Think about all the Establishment politicos who withhold themselves from the day-to-day media fray and only sporadically dip into it, and only then when heavily scripted and/or out of campaign cycle timeframes. They’ve probably memorized the Proverb that says “even the fool when he is silent appears wise” LOL )


This timing and pacing problem applies to social media, and Sarah Palin knows it.  She knows too much exposure, too much tweeting on each and every meme-of-the-day would eventually ruin her brand by dilution in our increasingly politicized and phony social media fray.


Much of the time, Palin functions as a Tea Party Will Rogers, more than capable of proffering a worthy opinion on pretty much any subject.  But it’s not wise to see her “taking stands” on every issue in the world, as she would have to do in a TV talk show.  Taking a stand on every issue makes every issue she takes a stand on less important.  It would make her opinion commonplace — and therefore disposable.


In stark contrast to the secular elites who host TV talkers – Palin’s power is she truly represents the people as the ordinary housewife turned extraordinary conservative leader.  Standing for the people means she “stands in” for them; she “re-presents” those who uphold Reagan and Lincoln’s vision of America.

(In the Reagan years, the Right/Left NWO Establishment commandeered the fight by triangulating conservative Christians and calling them “the Moral Majority” and then pitting them against liberal atheists while moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans won by dividing these “extremes.”  Palin’s Tea Party is not the old “Moral Majority” though the  elites would like it to be so; think about this whenever you hear there is a “Tea Party purity test”… it’s the elite “divide and conquer” argument at work.)

Call Palin a standard bearer of the spirit in the classical Judeo-Christian sense — or the classical Aristotelean-Platonic sense if Judeo-Christianity is too much for you – but that IS Sarah Palin’s eternal positioning.  She strengthens and encourages the spiritual foundations of America as she takes her stand.


Reflexively, Palin is strengthened and encouraged when she’s with people in a public setting.  She’s said so often enough.  It isn’t work when Palin “works the crowd”; she’s always glad to be “glad-handing.”  Though her enemies don’t understand her spiritual positioning — to their detriment — Palin isn’t “living for the applause” ala the narcissistic Hollywood cliché.

It’s actually a much more profound understanding.

Her love of the hoi polloi (or Katie Couric’s “great unwashed”) has to do with Palin’s recognition of herself in their midst.

It’s through public interaction that Sarah Palin understands her spiritual identity.


Governor Palin “feels who she is” when she meets and greets or speaks in public. As Palin has described her son Trig as needing to look at his hands as a touchstone, as a grounding device, as a foundation of reality that permits him to venture into grassy unknowns – public encounters are a touchstone for Sarah Palin.

Palin recognizes who she is when she’s with a crowd.  It’s a spiritual need for her, and it makes her crowds love her all the more because they have a mutual need for her to stand for them.  Palin loses herself and her sense of her leadership if she has to muck through trivial, trendy or inconsequential issues, but is strengthened if she’s associated with worthy causes she believes in.

These are the logistics of how Sarah Palin “re-presents” Americans: she is encouraged and strengthened as she encourages and strengthens others; it’s part of her call in God as a moral leader, as a standard-bearer.

Her decision to not take up Mark Burnett on his TV talk show offer was dead right.


But all this is why her upcoming show might be the perfect vehicle right now.

Despite her critics, reality shows have not diminished the Governor’s brand, but have extended it — because these shows thrive on interactive immediacy, her forte.


Though reality TV is of course just as artificial as any other TV format, it suits Sarah Palin because her love for people is “really real” and immediate.

Just by being Sarah Palin, the Governor “strengthens that which remains” of the foundations of America when she campaigns (be it politically or a book tour.)  This is most likely the spiritual subtext for the new series.

AMAZING AMERICA is a perfect showcase for Sarah Palin right now, and part of this subtext for this upcoming show is the people whom Palin will highlight are “part of” Palin herself.


And one of the pitfalls of doing a show about people’s personal stories like “Amazing America”  is, most likely, Palin wants to “take a stand” about the lives of the people she meets on the show.  This is a potential weak spot.

Sarah Palin is not Huell Howser, she’s a world leader.  Should these people later on diss or disavow what was presented within Palin’s show could be an opening for her political enemies.  Sarah Palin cannot “go surety for a stranger” (ala Proverbs 6) and take a stand on other people’s testimonies or life achievements if she does not know them intimately.

She can present them, she can frame their life-stories, but she can’t stake her own reputation upon theirs.  She can’t guarantee or warranty their morality or character — and this probably will be spelled out in the show, so there won’t be room for Palin’s political enemies to make hay out of it.


Whatever Palin does, there’s one thing Palin’s enemies do know about her.   They’re still afraid because another word for “Standard Bearer” is “President” — but they have no idea how to fight her “in the spirit” — where she beats them every time.

– TwoLegsGood


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