Video: Surging Chris McDaniel speaks to 2000 Tea Party activists

Via Breitbart. I few weeks ago Governor Palin endorsed Chris McDaniel in his insurgent bid to become the next senator from Mississippi. McDaniel is locked in a close battle in the Republican primary with incumbent Senator Thad Cochran, who’s known as the “king of pork” in the Magnolia State. Cochran, who’s been in Washington since Nixon was president, has locked up the support of Haley Barbour and the rest of the Republican establishment but McDaniel has been coming on strong and has a real shot at unseating the big spending politician who’s never met an earmark or spending bill he doesn’t like. Yesterday McDaniel spoke to about 2,000 Tea Party activists in Louisville, Kentucky.  Enjoy:

Click here join Governor Palin in supporting Chris McDaniel’s campaign.

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