Governor Palin Endorses Dan Bongino

Good news! Governor Palin endorses Dan Bongino again. From her Facebook page:

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Dan Bongino is a unique candidate in politics today. His boots on the ground experience in Washington, D.C. has given him the wisdom and warrior spirit we need to stop the far left liberal agenda that is fundamentally transforming America. A bonus for all of us is Dan’s background and rigorous training as a U.S. Secret Service agent. He’ll put to good use the positive characteristics that have been instilled in him with tenacity and dedication to principles. We need more like him!

I was proud to support Dan’s candidacy in 2010 for U.S. Senate against an entrenched liberal in a state that many in the GOP had long abandoned. We’re not giving up! Maryland deserves the best, and Congress sure needs the help, so Dan is back, more prepared than ever! It’s an honor to support Dan in his bid to reclaim a very important Congressional seat. He’s running for the right reasons. He’s prepared for this opportunity to serve the people and to put government back on our side by getting it off our back. Watch some of Dan’s past videos and speeches and there will be no doubt he’s worthy of your support.

These elections are more than just liberal vs. conservative or Republican vs. Democrat – it’s come down to us vs. them – the people vs. the politicians. We need more of “We the People” – like Dan – to take on Washington and take our country back.

A staunch defender of our liberties and Constitution, Dan will be an important voice for our cause in Congress. As a Secret Service agent, Dan has seen first hand the ugly underbelly of Washington, D.C. behind the scenes – backroom deals and crony capitalism at its worst. He knows better than most what we are up against and how to combat it. Let’s cede no ground in the fight to restore America in 2014. Please get behind Dan Bongino and send him to Congress where he will help lead America toward exceptionalism again!

– Sarah Palin

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