Kimberley Strassel | A Democrat War on One Woman

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to work out what Democrats are doing to Monica Wehby in Oregon. It’s more useful to realize they are doing it precisely because she is a neurosurgeon—a successful female one, to be precise.

Dr. Wehby, a 52-year-old pediatric specialist, won the Oregon Republican primary Tuesday and will face Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley in November. She won despite planted, pre-primary media hits that detailed police “incident” reports from her divorce and from a later breakup. The Oregonian discovered at least one of these reports was first requested from police by a researcher for the Democratic Party of Oregon. Jamal Raad, spokesman for that organization, used to work for Mr. Merkley and this week rejoined his team.

The reports themselves don’t merit much comment, beyond pointing out the willingness of the national press to sensationalize some trivial moments in Dr. Wehby’s private life. A Politico story about Dr. Wehby in 2013 visiting the house (to which she had a key) of a boyfriend who wasn’t returning her calls was run under the headline: “Oregon Senate Hopeful Accused of Stalking Boyfriend.” Never mind that the story (at the end) quoted the boyfriend, a businessman, as saying he had been “emotional,” regretted calling the police, and that they remain friends.

A story about how the man she was divorcing, Jim Grant, called in 2007 to complain that she had “slapped” him with a note pad (she denied it and police acknowledged that the “slight red dot” on his face might have been a “zit”) was run under headlines in numerous papers about Dr. Wehby’s “harassment” of Mr. Grant. Never mind (again) that Mr. Grant now lives four doors from her, donated to her campaign, and calls her a “good friend.”


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