The magnitude of Ben Sasse’s victory

The Washington Posts’s Aaron Blake  discusses how overwhelming Ben Sasse’s victory was last night. Here’s an excerpt:

Plenty of folks thought the GOP primary for Nebraska Senate on Tuesday might be a close race — or even that banker Sid Dinsdale had a shot at pulling the late upset.

They were sorely mistaken.

Midland University President Ben Sasse’s big win was all the more big because of how utterly dominating it was.

Here’s a rundown of Sasse’s win, by the numbers:

27 percent: Sasse’s margin of victory over Dinsdale. The latest results with 100 percent of precincts reporting are Sasse 49, Dinsdale 22, and former state treasurer Shane Osborn 21. No poll showed anywhere close to that margin of victory for Sasse.

53 minutes: The amount of time, after polls were closed, before the Associated Press was able to determine that Sasse had won. Only about one out of every eight precincts had reported their vote totals by this point — a very rare early call in a competitive race.

1: The number of counties that Sasse lost. Dinsdale managed to carry Merrick County 47 percent to 33 percent. Dinsdale’s family is from that county.

What was stunning to me is that Sasse came within a few votes of winning an outright majority in a race with five competitors. I can’t see any realistic scenario under which Sasse loses the general election in November.  To paraphrase Governor Palin, reinforcements are on the way to DC. Read the rest of Blake’s piece here.

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