Nebraska Primary Open Thread; Update: Ben Sasse Wins in a blowout, Update III: Bruning concedes race to Ricketts

As we sprint to the finish line in the all-important Nebraska Primary, Ben Sasse appears poised to win tonight’s marquee senate race. Despite the steady support Shane Osborn has received from the Republican establishment and Mitch McConnell’s PAC, the Palin endorsed Sasse has surged in the polls since the Governor headlined the big rally in North Platte last month.


Osborn is fading fast and is now in third place behind businessman Sid Dinsdale. Osborn, naturally, has not been taking this very well. The other big primary race in Nebraska tonight is for Governor where Pete Ricketts is in a dead heat with Jon Bruning.


Ricketts has come a long way in the polls since Governor Palin’s endorsement but this race is way too close for comfort. You may recall that it was Governor Palin’s endorsement of Deb Fischer in 2012 which helped seal Ms. Fischer’s victory over Bruning in the 2012 Nebraska Senate primary. West Virginia is also holding their primary election today and Shelley Moore Capito is expected to easily win her Senate race and is polling well ahead of her likely Democrat challenger, liberal Natalie Tennant, in this fall’s general election. Real Clear Politics will be updating the election results throughout the evening. In the meantime, via the Daily Caller, watch the following video and see if you can determine just what Democrat Representative Joe Garcia (seated to the left of the testifying witness) enjoyed for lunch on national TV last week. Whatever it was, the esteemed Congressman obviously found it very tasty.

Update: Ben Sasse has been declared the winner. With 27% of the precincts counted at this time, Sasse is leading his closest challenger, Sid Dinsdale, by 22 points, with Shane Osborn in third place. I guess Mitch McConnell’s endorsement doesn’t count for much in Nebraska.  Shocking that.

Update II: With 52.8% of the precincts counted, Ben Sasse has 48.4% of the vote and has extended his lead to 25.4 points. Can you say blowout? Pete Ricketts and Jon Bruning are basically tied in the Governor’s race.

Update III (By Steve)

According to multiple sources, Jon Bruning has conceded the Governor’s primary race and Pete Ricketts has won.  All night, Ricketts and Bruning were very close with Ricketts maintaining a small but consistent lead.

An excellent night for the Tea Party and for conservatives.  Congratulations, Nebraska!



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