Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!

Gov. Palin’s Facebook Post read to the tune of Dr. Seuss‘ “Oh! The Places You’ll Go!”


“Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!”




Today is the day.

You have found such a insult

From which you can’t walk away


You, who had creeps near my kids

And an awful one near my home

Who took to advertising for dirt as far north as Nome

You, who are on a crusade. You seekers of truth, justice and the enlightened way.

You, who thumbed through my emails, looked them over with care. Questions pertaining to Benghazi? “Oh, we simply won’t go there!”

You, with your blogs full of scorn, and bylines full of mendacity, you awarded yourself for your own “perspicacity.”

You claimed there were roads you wouldn’t go down.

“Just kidding, Andy Sullivan, you go to town!”

Academy Award for that poignant  faux frown.

Often with the Alphabet Soup News, mean things are stated and frequently so

–but THIS statement irked you–

Not this? Huh. Who knew?

When insults start to fly, don’t worry. Don’t stew. Just go right along. I mean, it’s what you told me to do.


Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!

You’ll hear sexist remarks!

You’ll have doctors harassed!

You’ll even have wombs searched and intrusive medical questions asked!


America deserves fair and consistent coverage

But Her Royal Highness’ health was questioned and you’ve taken umbrage

“Yes, D.C. is a mess, we’re still your Press!”

“We’ll push and prod and test!”


Except that you won’t

Because, as of late, you simply don’t

Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!

I’ m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true, you’ll never know the insults Little Trig knew.


Credit: Gov. Sarah Palin’s Facebook page

So, really, how dare you.





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