Economy flatlines, Obama blames … cold weather

Alternative headline: Global cooling kills economy. And I thought he’d blame it on Bush. Or the Koch brothers. Per the Wall Street Journal, the Commerce Department reported yesterday that the economy had flatlined in the first quarter, growing at a whopping one-tenth or one percent. Obama’s response: It was the cold weather. Via Townhall’s Christine Rousselle:

The White House’s official report blamed “unusually severe” weather for the startlingly-low increase in GDP, noting that there had been record cold temperatures and intense snowstorms.

Curiously, the severe winter weather did not have a similar economic effect on our neighbor to the north, Canada. Canada’s GDP grew by 2.5 percent, exactly what was forecast. Several Canadian cities experienced their coldest and snowiest winters in decades.

Maybe Canada’s economy survived the extreme cold (which was no doubt caused by global warming) because they develop their energy sector rather than wage war on it. Just a thought.

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