I don’t think so, Mrs. Clinton

Thanks to iizthatiiz we have a segment of Greta Van Susteren’s interview with Hillary Clinton last night where the topic of sexism came up.

As you can see, Greta brought up Governor Palin and remarked how incredibly extreme the attacks on her were – particularly since the left even started spreading disgusting rumors about a particular little guy that we around here have grown to care about quite a bit.

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Hillary’s answer (emphasis mine):

“Those kinds of personal attacks, which I’ve had more than my share of because I have been in the political arena, are despicable.”

But she concluded by saying she “can’t speak to who did or didn’t say anything” in Governor Palin’s defense.

Um, how about herself?

While Hillary Clinton was the brunt of sexist remarks, most of it came from her own party – the same people who now want to prop her up to be their saint in their hopes of keeping the White House under Democrat control for four more years.  That’s her party and she has a lot of work to do in cleaning it up.  (As we all know it’s indisputable that Governor Palin has no problem calling out her side when they behave badly or fall short of the party’s principles and platform.  She did it as a Governor and continues to do it as an advocate.)

And before the 2008 campaign, Hillary’s private life felt the brunt of the entire media (people on both sides of the aisle).  But her private life being attacked was not the result of conservatives making things up about her husband’s behavior as the left did in the case of Governor Palin’s entire family.

As uncomfortable as it may be to discuss, it is true that Bill Clinton was credibly accused of infidelity and true sexist behavior toward many women throughout his career.  And it is true that even though the Clintons and their apologists disputed many of the things he was accused of, he did himself no favors by messing around as a married man who was also President of the United States right in the people’s Oval Office.

I’m sorry for personal tragedies and I’d never be so pompous as to decide what is in one’s heart where their partners and loved ones are concerned, but Hillary picked him and for whatever reason chose to keep him.  Many of the things that came out were surely embarrassing but they stemmed from his own factual behavior, not on the basis of anonymous sources or those who align with the types of kooks generally infected with Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Governor Palin’s family should have been off limits.  Her family and marriage spoke for itself: Five beautiful children under one marriage of two high school sweethearts who stuck it out through the years while undoubtedly facing their share of challenges.  It paints the picture of a relationship to be respected.

Further, in 2008, Hillary Clinton was not yet Secretary of State when some of these unfounded & horrific rumors about Governor Palin began to surface.  She knew though firsthand what her party was capable of.  Yet, she said nothing – even after Governor Palin came out as the VP nominee and respectfully acknowledged Clinton’s achievement as a primary candidate in 2008 who contributed greatly to women in politics.

And while Clinton can identify with sexist behavior she certainly did not deal with groups of nuts and opportunists questioning Chelsea’s birth.  Also, I’ve never seen any Republican cowardly hide behind the “comedian” title and refer to Hillary Clinton in disgusting terms while simultaneously donating millions of dollars to politicians.  And lastly, I don’t recall a creepy opportunistic journalist moving in next door to Hillary to stare at her family and write a book full of unfounded rumors and anonymous sources.  These were just the tip of the iceberg of the sickening, bottom-of-the-barrel attacks that Governor Palin and her family sustained in which no mainstream feminist group came out to denounce.

And now as she mulls a decision of whether or not to re-enter the fray of which she claims is “brutal,” she wants everyone to know that the treatment of Governor Palin was “despicable” even though she’s made no mention of it until now.

True, she was treated unfairly based on her sex but did it ever come to close to what Governor Palin experienced?

I don’t think so, Mrs. Clinton.

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