Governor Palin on SCOTUS ‘Hobby Lobby’ Ruling

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The Supreme Court has handed down a great victory not just for Hobby Lobby, but for all people of faith today! But who could imagine that five judges are the only thing standing between us and a violation of our First Amendment freedom of religion by an out of control administration at war with people of faith?

My recent book “Good Tidings and Great Joy” and Bristol’s blog have covered the Hobby Lobby case. Our friend David French with the ACLJ writes today:

“This is a victory for religious liberty and for common sense. Closely-held corporations cannot be forced to violate their religious convictions for the purpose of funding the Obama Administration’s radical pro-abortion agenda. The owners of Hobby Lobby and all the other employers who challenged the Obama Administration should be commended for their courage.”

Bristol is calling for “Hobby Lobby Love Day” on Thursday to show our gratitude to this courageous family business that stepped up to fight on behalf of all people of faith! They were truly David vs. Goliath!

Here’s more from Bristol:

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