The Mood in the States

A commenter (from Colorado) on PJMedia provided this report on the mood of the Tea Party after the Cochran “victory” in Mississippi. An excerpt:

 The Republican Party, national and state, conspired with the Democrats to defeat not only the TEA Party but also the majority of Republican voters so that they could keep the graft going. And in the process publicly called the base of their own party racists. And they used the campaign contributions of that same party base to do it.

Now the reaction.

I am TEA Party. We had our bi-weekly meeting tonight. We are also on fairly good terms with the local Republicans, and we even hold 1/3 of the Republican Precinct Chairs. Tuesday was also Colorado’s primary and both parties have settled their election slates. We send observers to Republican Central Committee meetings [actually it is automatic since 1/3 of the members are TEA Party] and they send observers to ours.

We have been in negotiations with them on whether and how we will cooperate in the campaign; since the Democrat TWANLOC are enemies of the Constitution.

Their people started speaking tonight on the necessity of rallying around the Republican ticket. The pushback was massive. Mississippi was brought up, repeatedly, as were other betrayals by the Republicans. My flyers were passed around. Third party was brought up to cheers and applause. Negotiations for cooperation are on hold. It was not a good night for the Republicans. The tenor was that we should not, as a group, cooperate with them. Support for Republican candidates should be only after they prove that they are not Institutionals and ARE Constitutionalists. And that individuals should send contributions to the DEMOCRAT opponents of Boehner, McConnell, and if we can’t get the senile bag of drool out as the Mississippi Senate candidate, the Democrat opponent of Cochran.

If this spreads, the Institutionals are toast. The Republican Party has lost legitimacy, lost the “Mandate of Heaven” with its base in a matter of a couple of days.

There is much more, and the whole comment is worth reading, and the article to which it is attached.

Back in Virginia, the Institutionals have reacted to Eric Cantor’s defeat by draining cash from the winner of the primary and stiffing the local activists. “So now you know who is truly for building the party and grassroots in the 7th District and who simply wants to protect turf, punish the grassroots, and keep the local party small and ineffective.”

It looks like people agree with Governor Palin: “what’s the point of getting excited about Republicans when all they’re going to do is act like Democrats?”

Meanwhile, Karl Rove had a triumphal piece in the Wall Street Journal (paywalled) on how he and his ilk are the real representatives of the local activists and how the national Tea Party organizations are getting whupped. Hmm –  who are you going to believe, Rove or the activists on the ground?

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