MSNBC #Assclown: Palin and McDaniel Want Ethnic Cleansing, Or Something

What a moron.

Have a laugh courtesy of soopermexican on youtube:

I’d be angry if the poor guy didn’t make such a fool of himself.

First, he contrasts the fact that McCain-Palin got 10% of the Democrat vote in 2008 with the travesty that happened in Mississippi last night.

Only problem, 2008 was a general national election, last night was a Republican primary.  (I’m just glad he admitted that Democrats came out for Governor Palin in 2008 over Obama).

The problem with Mississippi’s archaic and loose “crossover” open primary law is that when you cross over to vote, your “intent” is to support the candidate you’re voting for in the long haul (including the general) as it was written in a time where the 24 hour news cycle didn’t exist and when liberals weren’t yet completely insane.

Because Cochran campaigned like a big spending liberal, he got 30,000 to 40,000 Democrats to come out last night and vote.  This was according to McDaniel who spoke to Sean Hannity today.  Without those votes, McDaniel would have won as he did win with Republicans (25,000 more votes than Cochran with Republicans).

Up until last night, the archaic law never defeated the purpose of a party’s primary as it appears it was the first time that another party effectively decided the GOP’s candidate (sort of like how those in media work to pick our presidential candidates for us).  The law poses a problem of what is and what isn’t practical.  Republicans lost a significant amount of their voice in choosing their nominee.  Therefore, it’s a great reason (and proof) why it could be struck down in a court.  The loose “intent” language in and of itself is simply not a feasible measurement in today’s world even though we all know a lot of them would not vote for Cochran in a general (if they vote at all).

Also, of that 30,000+ voters, it is possible that some of the “crossovers” voted in the June 3rd primary for their own candidate especially knowing how trustworthy the left is (and the RINO establishment).  If that was the case, then those specific votes would be illegal and not allowed to be counted.  McDaniel only needs a few thousand to make the difference.

Has nothing to do with racism.  The fact is the left cannot face the diversity in the Tea Party among the candidates we run or the people on the ground in the movement itself who come from all walks of life as it completely defies their puerile rhetoric.

It’s simply about understanding what a PRIMARY should be about.

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