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The Clown vs. The Mama Grizzly!

AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla talks to US Senate candidate: Julianne Ortman.

Text written by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron DeVito.

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What Ortman Could Have Been

Nearly two weeks ago former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged Minnesota GOP delegates to nominate Julianne Ortman to be their candidate U.S. Senate seat. The delegates failed to do that, and Ortman vowed to stay out of the race. She has thrown her support to the candidate the delegates ultimately chose.

Ortman discussed her candidacy in an interview with Kevin Scholla host of Mama Grizzly Radio prior to the May 30 delegate vote. Scholla said that she is a terrific candidate and hopes that Ortman will change her mind and re-enter the race. Scholla broadcast the interview as a tribute to what Ortman could have been.

Ortman said she was honored and grateful to receive Gov. Palin’s endorsement and to meet her personally. She has admired Gov. Palin for a long time. Ortman said Gov. Palin is a role model of a strong woman who speaks her thoughtful views.

Al Franken the incumbent Senator she is running against has been absent except for pushing the Obama agenda, Ortman said. The 12-year state senator has a “turn-around blueprint,” which she says is an agenda Republicans can agree on. “The Republican Party is not the party of ‘no’ it is the party of solutions,” Ortman said.

Ortman was the chair of the Minnesota Tax Committee. She was the first woman ever and the first Republican in 40 years leading the effort to balance a $5 billion state deficit without raising $1 in taxes. Ortman could have been balancing budgets at the federal level.

The mother of four who has been married 25 years said raising a family is a great qualifier for being a Senator. One of her children is serving in the army.

She said the VA scandal is a product of unaccountable power and layers upon layers of bureaucracy. Her turn-around plan provides specific steps on how Congress can re-establish control over these regulatory agencies.

Congress is adding $2 trillion to the national debt per year. Since the shutdown, every American has accrued a $7,000 share in that debt, she said.

Al Franken is the Chairman of the Privacy Sub-Committee in the US Senate and has a direct hand in the NSA spying scandal. He signed a letter with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) calling for an IRS investigation into the 501 (c) 4s, and thus has a hand in the IRS scandal as well, she said. She said Franken has violated our First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Ortman is an outspoken proponent of legal immigration but is against doing anything to give illegals citizenship. She believes our borders must be secured. She said Obama has been signing executive orders that contravene immigration laws that are on the books.

Scholla queried her Minnesota’s strange history of electing politicians like Al Franken and Jesse Ventura. She attributed it to people seeking an independent thinker from outside the establishment. Ortman could have been the independent common-sense thinker Minnesotans need.

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Teaser, Downloadable Audio

Julianne Ortman stops by The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Minnesota drops the ball as the state GOP fails to endorse this experienced mama grizzly. Some are hoping she’ll still run. Tune in to hear the woman that Sarah Palin said can beat Al Franken. Palin-endorsed Joni Ernst rolls to victory in Iowa while Palin-backed Chris McDaniel forces a run off in Mississippi. Also, a new Strap In With The Colonel featuring Col. Rob Maness brings listeners the latest from Louisiana. Plus, a brand new Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson , as well as the latest Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar! www.mamagrizzlyradio.com

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