To Save Cochran, GOP Establishment Goes Beyond Breaking Reagan’s 11th Commandment

Assuming you aren’t Haley Barbour, most Republicans understand the purpose of contested primaries.  They involve voters within their own party for a reason.

Accordingly, by coming in first place in Mississippi’s Senate primary election, Chris McDaniel seems slated to join Joni Ernst and Ben Sasse in moving forward in becoming those reinforcements that Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have been promised – and it was Republicans (the people) who had their say.

Yet, because of the runoff rule and because McDaniel didn’t secure 50.1% of the vote, he has to face 30+ year-incumbent Thad Cochran again at the end of the month.

The problem though is that Cochran’s establishment supporters are attempting to set a new precedent by selling our party short along with its ideals for common sense austerity measures within the federal government.  To do this, they are now engaging in the same kind of rhetoric we could get from a big-spending Democrat.  In addition, they’re actually going to attempt courting Democrats in Mississippi to turn out for Cochran.  (Via Politico)

“Several advisers, speaking candidly and anonymously, said that competing in the June 24 runoff will likely require the campaign to shift resources from television and radio advertising into pure get-out-the-vote operations.”


“Riskiest of all, it will involve reaching out to casual voters – including independents and Democrats – to swell the electorate with Mississippians who may not have participated in this week’s first round of voting.”

Now let’s take a look at what Former Mississippi Governor and “foremost” Cochran supporter, Haley Barbour says to go along with this new plan (emphasis):

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the onetime national Republican Party chairman who is one of Cochran’s foremost champions, said the senator will dislodge McDaniel supporters and “expand the electorate” with a focus on kitchen-table issues. He said it was essential for Mississippians to understand what McDaniel’s anti-government, anti-appropriation views would mean in practice – starting with the state legislator’s stated opposition to federal education spending.

So, here we go.  Instead of competing among conservatives, they’d rather portray Chris McDaniel as an “anti-government” radical while trying to get Democrats to come out for a Republican primary.  In other words, the Mississippi party establishment is purposely frightening voters in the most dishonest way imaginable while they completely betray the intellectually honest principles of their own party.

As you know, folks have resorted to claiming that conservatives have waged a war on women, that we don’t care about the poor or the sick, or that we want “dirty air and dirty water” for everyone.  They’re called Democrats.

But sadly it appears in Mississippi that the Republican establishment is joining their choir of shameless rhetoric for the sake of saving one of their good old boys.

Political convenience, or a truly “teachable moment” about an establishment incumbent’s conservative backbone?

You be the judge.

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