Governor Palin Takes on Jesse Ventura

Over at the Sarah Palin Channel, Governor Palin thankfully gives an effective smack-down to the often-bloviating Jesse Ventura over his lawsuit involving Chris Kyle’s family.

Hey tough guy, Jesse Ventura, your feelings were hurt because you perceived your reputation was besmirched by words in a book? So you turn around and sue, expecting $2 million from a military widow and her fatherless children? Yeah, like that is going to help your reputation, jackass.

Chris Kyle was a true American patriot — the soldier who stood up for his country and saved so many lives by doing the job his Commander-in-chief gave him, taking out the bad guys. For his extraordinary work, Chris was known as “The American Sniper.” He was senselessly murdered on our own soil while helping a military brother. His widow and young children will forever feel a lot more “hurt” than you will, Jesse, after a sad verdict in your ridiculous lawsuit against Chris.

You can watch the video and join in on the discussion here.

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