Palin Derangement Alive and Well at the Daily Beast


As we recently discussed, the left-wingers at MSNBC were happy to write Governor Palin’s 8,745th political obituary.

In doing so, they cited a poll where two-thirds of Democrats stated they wanted Governor Palin silenced.

But never fear, Palin derangement has revolved once again.  Now liberals want her to be a host on The View so they can hear from her every day!

As Dean Obeidallah writes:

I didn’t think it was possible, but I actually agree with Sarah Palin and Fox News on an issue. No, not that Obama is a crypto-Muslim socialist who wants to destroy America. I’m talking about the far more important subject of whether Sarah Palin should be hired as a new co-host on ABC’s The View.

Palin desperately wants this job.

To begin with, Governor Palin has never referred to Obama as a “Muslim.”  Some have indeed pointed out his intention to damage America through his feckless spending which has quadrupled George W. Bush’s.  His policies give preferential treatment to enemies as well as illegal immigrants while stabbing both legal immigrants and legal Americans in the back.  When you give out freebies to people who put nothing into the pot, that resembles the socialism that has crippled so many other countries throughout the world.  In addition to the outrageous spending, we had the feds printing money with no value.  Similar liberals laughed at Palin when she predicted QE3, but quieted down when it actually happened.

Also, while Governor Palin doesn’t close any doors to anything, she certainly has not “desperately” campaigned for a job on The View as a co-host.  She responded to a question on whether or not she’d consider a political talk show which she said:

Maybe. But the politics would have to be interspersed with a whole lot of fun and real life and inspiration showcasing American work ethic, because those topics are all pretty much the antithesis of today’s politics, which I find incorrigibly disastrous!


I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.

It was big news that everyone at the show was canned.  It simply went hand-in-hand with the comments she made about what current shows are missing.  Now, to be clear, I have no doubt that any mainstream outlet would love Governor Palin for the ratings she brings.  But her mention of it along with her answer of “maybe” to many simply meant she wouldn’t close the door and her use of The View was an explanation of what was wrong with mainstream television regarding the “punch of reality” it needed.

If Obeidallah would do some research, he’d find out that the Governor always keeps an open door.  For example, back in 2004 (long before she hit the national scene) the Alaska media had wondered if her resignation from the AOGCC was a prelude to a U.S. Senate run.  While she said it was unlikely, she also said: “I’m not going to discount it, because I don’t want to ever discount anything in life.”  Similarly, just last year when Hannity asked her if she’d consider a U.S. Senate run against Mark Begich, again she said she’d never close doors even though it wasn’t on her immediate radar screen.

As much as her critics try to connect her words to negative connotations, Governor Palin has always kept an open door.  The idea that it would be news to any of them pretty much tells you about their ability to keep up.

He goes on to suggest she’d be crushed by Goldberg and O’Donnell saying “The View isn’t Fox News, where hosts fawn over Palin” going on to cite a debate Elisabeth Hasselbeck had with Whoopi Goldberg on abortion.

The audience clearly sided with Whoopi, breaking out into thunderous applause as she finished her comment.

Again, that Palin derangement thing is kicking in if he truly believes that all Fox News hosts “fawn over” Governor Palin.  Yet when it serves the left, they’re always happy to point out when the opposite occurs.  Also, an audience in the middle of Manhattan-New York applauding Whoopi Goldberg over abortion is hardly representative of the entire country.  It only proves that liberal group-think exists which explains why Hasselbeck and other conservatives have been shouted down on the program.

He then goes on to say that hearing Governor Palin say “idiotic” things on a “daily” basis would be funny.  Yet despite all the TV appearances, speeches, and articles Governor Palin has written over the last few years, his best examples of such are limited to two things that happened years ago:

Currently, we are stuck waiting for periodic appearances by Palin to make unintentionally hilarious remarks, like when she said Paul Revere “warned the British,” not the colonists. Or when she insisted that “We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.”

Obviously, he has nothing current to use as ammo.  But just to be clear, Governor Palin’s account of Paul Revere was backed by experts.  Her comment on North Korea was clearly an innocent slip blown up by a desperate media.  Nevertheless, I am sure that Obeidallah is proud of a president who believes we have 57 states and who is proud of our Navy Corpse-man — and that our vice-president believes that FDR gave a speech on TV during the Great Depression. (Hey, if he’s allowed to use old material, so am I).

Finally, he claims Governor Palin will be “tempered” or “fired.”

ABC’s parent company, Disney, is not going to let Palin be the Palin that most of us hate (or love.) Sure, Disney wants ratings because they equal profits. But I very much doubt that Disney will allow Palin—or any one person—to cause damage to its corporate image.


Palin would encounter some problems with Disney if, during the show, she advocated for discriminating against gay Americans by opposing marriage equality. Or if she again defends a person like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson when he likens gays to people who rape animals.

Or when she utters disgusting comments like “Let Allah sort them out,” as she did when discussing the bloody conflict in Syria.


[T]he Bill of Rights only applies to government action, not private employers, who can fire people if they don’t want to be associated with their public statements.

Here he lies (as most liberals would)  about Phil Robertson.  Robertson didn’t say gays are like people who rape animals.  What he said was that as a Christian man, he believed homosexuality to be a sin just like other things including bestiality and adultery.  Some may believe the statement was crass but nobody ever mentions that he went on to say he holds love for all human beings despite his religious opinion.  Liberals always have a way of avoiding complete context.  Also, since when is advocating for traditional marriage something that needs to be “tempered?”

And his smack at Governor Palin’s assertion to “Let Allah sort it out” doesn’t explain that context either.  In Syria, two groups (who both hate America) were fighting each other using their religion (Islam) as their spiritual tool.  Since it was not in America’s interest, she was merely suggesting that we not add to the “bloody conflict” in spending more of our own precious blood on a senseless mission.  Notice he doesn’t mention the fact that the president wanted to senselessly lob bombs into the country and that Palin was part of the majority who was against it.

Additionally, he remains absolutely silent on the truly dangerous remarks of Rosie O’Donnell.  While Obeidallah has a problem with a small joke about “Allah,” he apparently has no problem with Rosie comparing Christians in America to Jihadists or promoting 9/11 “truther” theories.  And let’s not forget her infamous “Ching Chong” slur.

Oh and regarding what “private companies” can do, notice he seems to forget how the majority of America reacted in outrage to Phil Robertson being suspended by A&E prompting the channel to back track and remove the suspension shortly afterwards — thanks to free speech and people like Governor Palin who made it their mission to fight back.

Governor Palin has carved out a platform of her own, using various channels to get her messages out and to explore things she likes to share with others.  That includes the celebration of many otherwise-unknown Americans who make this country an “amazing” place to be.  Her popularity allows her to do what she wants to do.  This stunning fact will always drive her bashers bat-crap-crazy as their Palin-derangement keeps them tripping over their own failed rhetoric time and again.

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