Twitchy Torches Eric Holder For IRS Scandal/Dismissal of Governor Palin’s Judgment

Twitchy did a fantastic job of covering Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments from a rare interview with ABC News.

ICYMI: AG Holder will not appoint a special prosecutor regarding the IRS scandal and he dismisses Governor Palin’s call for President Obama to be held accountable for his lawless actions.  Yes. You read that correctly. HE dismisses HER judgment.

As you will see, Twitchy had quite a bit to say about Eric Holder’s judgment; so go take a look and keep an eye out for a familiar name in the article.

By the way, here’s something for you to consider. If Governor Palin is irrelevant and the left aren’t afraid of her and what she’s doing (ie., educating the American people and putting Obama’s lawlessness front and center), then why would anyone the press bother the Attorney General about it?  After all, it’s a “fringe” position forwarded by someone everyone on the left and the GOPe are demanding we believe is irrelevant. right?

So with that take, talking about her only elevates her and her message if she is in fact old news and not relevant and should be ignored.  Unless of course she isn’t.

It’s almost as if they’re lying liars who lie or something, huh?

Go figure.



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