Yet Another Palin Political Obituary that Contradicts Liberal Rhetoric

Written by a columnist most have never heard of — for a network that struggles on its best day to flicker, an article sits that dares to measure Governor Palin’s flame (or alleged lack of).

Along with the fact that they admit Democrats are using her current call for Obama’s impeachment as a means to raise money, it contradicts and flat out blows the lid off some of the left’s rhetoric about Governor Palin.

It begins about the Governor:

How could someone filled with such promise plunge so far, so fast?

It goes on to cite a new poll from the patriarchs of credibility at NBC:

The majority of Americans – 54% – believe Palin is too outspoken, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll.


[T]he majority of Americans want Palin to keep quiet.

Okay for Pete’s sake, we have to stop here for a second (but it gets better).

First off, since when was MSNBC willing to admit that Governor Palin ever had “such promise?”

Second, the NBC poll cited reflecting opposition to Palin’s voice reveals that the biggest chunk of such opposition is from liberal Democrats — a stunningly, overwhelming two thirds of Democrats that is.  Gee, how many times have we been told over the years that Governor Palin only helps Democrats and hurts Republicans?  Remember, Bob Beckel called her the “gift that keeps on giving?”  Late night comedians joked that Barack Obama would pay for ads of her running for president (indicating she’d be the easy opponent that Mitt Romney turned out be).  Now suddenly, they finally admit they want her silenced (as if we didn’t know that already).

At least the author of this piece went on to face a tad bit of reality:

[I]t doesn’t look like she’ll be drop off the national radar anytime soon.

(The typo is the author’s — see what Palin derangement does?)

Perhaps the best part of this though is the author’s use of Nicolle Wallace to make her point.  She quotes Wallace as saying (emphasis mine)

Sarah Palin could have been anything she wanted to be – an adviser, maybe a run for the presidency, a stalwart for some of the policy issues she cared about like energy. But she took a different path, one that really surprised people.

Aside for the fact that there isn’t a politician in D.C. that comes close to being the “stalwart” Governor Palin is on energy, isn’t it interesting that Nicolle Wallace is suggesting such things as a Palin presidential run?

Isn’t this the same Nicolle Wallace that was portrayed and used for credibility in HBO’s fictional-flop “Game Change?”  By the end of the film meant to slander Palin, Wallace hardly gives the impression of someone who truly believes what she says today.

What do they say about smoke and rhetoric fading away and how it leaves the truth for all to see?  It seems Wallace and this writer at MSNBC have just proven it in their attempt to manufacture more.


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